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2011 Visible Award / Public Utilities

the Visible blog kicks off

The visible blog begins posting today. During the week in which the first visible award is being presented and the winner awarded, we start this online platform where you will get updates, reports and special content springing from the visible project.

After the publication of the book in 2010, published by Sternberg Press and designed by Lupo&Burtscher, the visible project pursued its research with the will to sustain artistic production in social sphere. Rethinking the discursive categories that defined up to that point the artistic intervention in the public realm, we felt the need to highlight those projects and contexts that see in the artistic approach a possibility to shed a different light on things, so to offer a new kind of visibility to the subjects of their research, whatever these might be.
With both this clear idea on redefining an area of studies in contemporary art and the openness in observing the more disparate works and processes, the two foundations that initiated and funded the project – Cittadellarte and Fondazione Zegna – started a production award that could help a new (or in its initial stage) art work in the social sphere. This project, that will be awarded this week after a year of intense work, will be the main protagonist of this blog. Contents related to its realization, interviews with its authors and partners, visual material taken around its process will be regularly published by Matteo Lucchetti and Judith Wielander, the curators of the visible project.

So, keep an eye out for our posts and take a look at our Facebook page too, where more instantaneous updates will find space.
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