Award 2011, London

The winner of the 2011 Visible Award is The 8 Festival de Performance de Cali, an event organized in the city of Cali (Colombia) since 1998 by the artist collective Helena Producciones. It was born as a critical alternative to participation and research in the local context.

Convocatoria for the 8th Festival de Performance de Cali – recipient of 2011 Visible Award

During the nineties in Colombia, certain artistic possibilities like the performance were not accounted as significant strategies in the development of the visual language which opposed many of the projects that were generated among artists at the time. This phenomenon occurred due to a shortage of information sources, an absence of academic and professional spaces and the precarious research and interaction initiatives that would have allowed the development of other models. The Festival has proposed strategies to promote the work of many artists and it has become a heterogeneous stage that is constantly transforming according to the economic and socio-political needs and expectations of its environment. It has also expanded in order to give visibility and to empower a broader arena of socio-cultural practices and community initiatives through mechanisms of active and continuous participation. What is proposed for each festival is directly linked to the surrounding context, the possibilities of exploration of new actors and the integration of local, national and international realities. To know more about the project go here.

8th Festival de Performance de Cali, 2012 

November 2011 the jury of the 2011 visible award gathered in Milan to assess the 15 long-listed projects selected by the two curators among the 27 received via invitation. After deciding the four finalists that made it to the short list they picked the winning project that on the 11th of January 2012 is going to receive the award in a ceremony hosted at the Serpentine Gallery.

“We were especially interested in projects with longevity and with specific social goals,” said Obrist. “We live in tumultuous times and have seen many examples of artists with a strong civic imagination at work in the recent political and social uprisings around the world.”

To know more about the Jury process and statement