Award 2015
Award Recipient


Artist’s Statement

”The Karrabing Film Collective conceives it’s artistic practices as a force for resisting and refusing settler forms of governance. Thus at the heart of our film and artistic practices is the desire to foster and deepen generational relations and obligations to lands and ancestral present. We show these struggles in our artistic works. But we do not use the funds we earn from our works, including the Visible Award, for making more art. We use the funds to invest in the human and ancestral infrastructures we believe vital to maintaining these relations—boats, trucks, and bush tracks that allow us to bring younger generations to our remote lands and low impact housing and solar power for living and doing the ceremony there. 

It would be hard to over-estimate the positive impact of receiving the 2015 Visible Award. Not only did it make our desire to use art to power Karrabing resistance Visible to a national and international audience, but it also and more importantly signal to our now 40 plus members the potential power of our vision for film and art practices.”