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For the Visible Temporary Parliament at the Hotel de Ville in Paris, November 16, we decided to invite a selection of European curatorial studies masters to be part of the parliament and involve their participants in the debate where they will actively engage with the challenges of the expanded field of public art. A particular role is performed by the CuratorLab participants from Konstfack in Stockholm, that will act as advocates for the ten shortlisted projects, after having spent several months preparing for the occasion in dialogue with the shortlisted artists.

  • Sara Alberani


    Sara Alberani is an art historian, art curator, activist, living in Rome. She works on different community – based art projects, using Rome, its sites and their stratification, as a field of research on environment, living, migration, to foster decolonization of knowledge, renegotiation of aesthetic autonomy and its norms, and active participation of the inhabitants. This “coming community” eats and debates in a collective studio which is also an archive, a public library, a place of residencies for refugees and artists.


  • Pia Chakraverti-Würthwein


    Pia Chakraverti-Würthwein lives and works in Berlin. At the core of her practice is a belief that art can be a means of building critical thinking and social engagement. To do that she develops programs that involve members of diverse communities as collaborators and experts, emphasizing the value of different types of knowledge. More information can be found on her website.


  • Alba Folgado


    Alba Folgado’s practice is concerned with addressing issues of current social and political interest, as well as connecting with critical and non-hegemonic discourses. Currently, she is researching how the structures that rule contemporary cities affect people’s lives, and what responses artists and activists develop to challenge their physical and social boundaries. 

    Residency at the Meet Factory
    Study at Royal College of Art


  • Tal Gilad


    Tal Gilad is an independent curator based in Stockholm. Her interests lie in areas of cultural diffusion, medium in crisis, a micro-generation of artists having had an analog childhood and digital adulthood. Her practice is flexible and focuses on the curator-artist-viewer relationship in an effort to create an ever-expanding community based on art discourse in relation to life. 

    Tal Gilad's curatorial practice
    Collaboration with The Nordic art association (NKF)
    Collaboration with Mark Požlep
    Residency at the Center for Contemporary Arts


  • Carolina Lio


    Carolina Lio is an independent curator based in London, where she graduated from RCA. Her work focuses on situated practices that can create new social models. She has been guest curator and curator-in-residence in diverse institutions in different countries (e.g. MACBA Barcelona and Hong Kong Arts Centre) constantly renegotiating the boundary between art and life in socially engaged projects. 


  • Carlota Mir


    Carlota Mir is a curator, researcher and cultural worker based between Vienna and Stockholm. She is currently a Ph.D. Candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. She works at the intersection between contemporary art, feminisms and social movements, art history and architecture. In her work, she interrogates the notion of ‘curatorial care’ through researching and building new feminist institutionalities which can inspire and sustain collective action.



  • Sofia Steinvorth


    Sofia Steinvorth is a researcher, writer, and curator based in Lisbon. She is interested in art as a means to communicate different knowledges engaging (all) the senses. Her focus is on human geography, architecture and artistic practices that reveal and (re)shape the relations of people with other people, objects and the environment, acknowledging the central role of situatedness and collaborative practices. She is involved in the production of ELECTRA Magazine.

    ELECTRA Magazine 

  • Claudia Stübi


    Claudia Stübi links expertise from science and technology with education and social engagement, in order to raise literacy, critical thinking, and responsible acting with regard to ecology. She is currently studying ways to add artists’ approach to her work, with the conviction that the collaborative triangle science-art-education can lead to new ways of mediation, awareness-building, and dialogue.



  • Ben GJ Thomas


    Ben GJ Thomas is a curator, researcher & educator. His work is focussed on how we collectively understand the world around us, imagining other possibilities. He is interested in the intersections between film & photography, social practice and the city; thinking about the stories we tell, who speaks and who is heard. Ben organises events & exhibitions, writes and leads workshops. Based in Bristol & London, UK.

    Ben GJ Thomas