Annotated by
Narawan Kyo Pathomvat

A Third University Is Possible


la paperson


University of Minnesota Press



A Third University is Possible offers a refreshing theoretical framework and interpretation of the issues of university education, decolonisation and activism. The writer, la paperson (K. Wayne Yang), proposes that a university ‘is an assemblage of machines and not a monolithic institution’ that has colonial history and purposes, yet it can also be subverted to produce decolonising subjects. Taking inspiration from Third Cinema and Black filmmaking assemblages, worlding theory and Deleuzian posthumanism, the book explores decolonial ‘possibilities’ in various indigenous and black schools and colleges in the US, Kenya and India and presents the seminal idea of ‘scyborg’ which is a ‘decolonising agent of technological subversion’ operating within the Third University itself in order to break down the ideological machine. NKP

"... school is an assemblage of machines and not a monolithic institution, its machinery is always being subverted toward decolonizing purposes."