Annotated by
Miguel A. López

Dark Matter: Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture


Gregory Sholette


Pluto Pr



Dark Matter is a brilliant exploration of the genealogies of critical art and the political economy of the art world. The author addresses the dependency that exists between marginalised artists and art practices – what he calls the ‘dark matter’– and the mainstream elite art, highlighting the possibilities of alternative and non-commercial creative work to intervene in the public and introduce other ways of think and discussing collectivism, ethics, the market, communication and technology. ML

"Militant street theater, counterfeit corporations, interventionist research portals, knitting networks, pie throwers, ninjas, snake charmers, river rafters, amateur scientists—this emerging aesthetics of resistance may be no more than a minor art of attractions and marvels and tactics, a politics of sometimes overt and sometimes tepid acts of delinquency, or even bitter gestures of discontent, and yet their 'gifts of resistance' must continue to impart an expectation."