Annotated by
RAW Material Company

Die Mauerbilder des Papisto Boy in Dakar


Leonore Mau, Hubert Fichte





Within this small photo box one finds one of the only photographic archives of the large-scale murals painted by the late Senegalese artist Papisto Boy. Using whatever materials he could find, or allowing tourists to photograph his murals in exchange for paints, Papisto Boy spent three decades covering the wall of a fish factory with images drawn from popular culture, ancient history, religion, myth or his own daily life. Papisto wanted the workers walking past the wall to enjoy and learn from the fruits of his labours, which he updated frequently, replacing faces and words washed away by the annual rains. Known widely as Senegal’s first graffiti artist, these photos are an important snapshot of Papisto Boy’s talent, as well as syncretic reference points of the Senegalese culture of the era. RMC

"When will Senegalese socialism find a few walls for its most important painter and his incantations?"