Annotated by
RAW Material Company

Frèquence Painthon


Maya El Zanaty, Loum Cheikha, Mamadou Diallo


Nownow Papers



This slim publication is an anthology of rumours, love letters, poems and visual essays that trace the life of the Médina, one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Senegal’s capital of Dakar. Created by the French in 1914 in an act of segregation, the Médina is today renowned for its strong community and activist spirit, verging on the rebellious at times. Fréquence Painthon allows readers a glimpse into the idiosyncrasies of this part of the city, not least through its homage to the eponymous breakfast sandwich that is a staple of daily life here and that becomes a symbol of the habits and interactions which sustain the fluidity of public and private life in Dakar. RMC

"Par fréquence, nous signifions la multiplicité des urbanités qui coexistent dans cette ville."