Annotated by
Joanna Warsza

Future Publics (The Rest Can and Should Be Done by the People): A CriticalReader in Contemporary Art


Maria Hlavajova, Ranjit Hoskote





Future Publics is a reader nourished by how the Occupy movements influenced the world. It speaks about the re-energised modes of assemblies, the collective organization, constructions of social value and cultural meaning, the strategising of solidarities across class, region, ethnicity and ideological affiliation. Ariella Azoulay, Bassam el Baroni and David Graeber, among others, unpack concepts such as rebel citizenry, orgnets, cultural users, stateless states and devolutionary platforms, expanding on the future publics and counter-publics. JW

"To cultural theorist Edward Said’s formulation of 'imperialism was the theory, colonialism the practice' should be added 'sovereign differential citizenship' as historiography and vantage point when dealing with any political category related to a form of ruling that divides the governed population into groups and rules them differentially."