Annotated by
Beatrice Galluzzo



CAMP/Center for Art on Migration Politics


CAMP/Center for Art on Migration Politics



Threshold(s) was the last exhibition hosted by CAMP before its closure, and I am particularly fond of this show since I actively took part in its making and development day by day. Guest-curated by the Mälmo-based art historian Temi Odumosu, the exhibition wanted to investigate what happens when asylum seekers and migrants are granted residence and we must co-exist. Odumosu gathered works by five women artists, whose identities are ‘in the middle’, thus they currently live in Scandinavia but they were born in other parts of the world: Michelle Eistrup (Jamaican/Danish), Luanda Carneiro Jacoel (Brazilian/Norwegian), Yong Sun Gullach (Korean/Danish), Pia Arke (Greenlandic/Danish), Saba Bereket Persson (Ethiopian/Swedish). According to the curator, these women are ‘post-memorial artists committed to processing colonial legacies and their residual affects/effects, by bearing the personal, collective and cultural trauma of those who came before’ (p. 7). BG

“A threshold is a bridge, and it produces a sixth sense of something more, something beyond. Through these inspiring artistic practices, I invite you to continue to explore the politics and poetics of relation."