The Silent University in Oxford and London – Full programme
2013 Visible Award / Events

The Silent University in Oxford and London – Full programme

• On 14 December 2013, the second edition of the Visible Award was awarded to The Silent University, a knowledge exchange platform initiated by the artist Ahmet Öğüt and led by a group of asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants. In recognition of the award, the London branch of The Silent University will produce a two-day event, […]


Mlu Zondi and NON NON Collective interviews

• The last two interviews that we are posting are: Mlu Zondi and NON NON collective, represented by Donna Kukama. The former is featured among the artistic practices that appear in the visible book, the latter is a collective that was nominated for the 2011 visible award, formed by Donna Kukama and Kemang Wa Lehulere. The focus on […]


“What does visible mean to you?” Interviews at the CHR, in Johannesburg

• On the occasion of the talk, that took place last month in Johannesburg at the Center for Historical Reenactments, the co-curator of visible, Matteo Lucchetti, spent some time chatting with the artists that Gabi Ngcobo and he had invited for a round table discussion. After the presentations of their work, and having shared a conversation […]

Visible at the Center for Historical Reenactments, Johannesburg.

Visible at the Center for Historical Reenactments, Johannesburg.

• On the 18th of May, starting at 6:30 pm, a talk around the visible platform will take place as well as a roundtable involving a group of South African artists and collectives, some of whom are already part of the visible network. The event, curated by Matteo Lucchetti, co-curator of the visible project, and Gabi […]

Events / Public Utilities

Visible in Ethiopia. A presentation at the Addis Ababa University

• Over the last few weeks Judith Wielander, co-curator of visible, was invited to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, by The Skunder Boghossian College of Performing and Visual Arts of the Addis Ababa University – which comprises of the School of Music, the School of Theater Arts and the School of Fine Arts and Design, to present the visible project.  Established in 1957, […]

2011 Visible Award / Events / News

the 2011 Visible award winner is announced at the Serpentine Gallery in London

• Last November the jury of the 2011 visible award gathered in Milan to assess the 15 long-listed projects selected by the two curators among the 27 received on invitation. After deciding the four finalists that made it to the short list they picked the winning project that on the 11th of January 2012 is going […]

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    The 2017 Visible Award longlist is announced + Visible Council

    For the fourth time in eight years we reach the exciting moment when we get to share with all of you the longlist of projects that are nominated for the Visible Award. Once more, we couldn't have done it without our brilliant curatorial advisory board, whose choices amazed us also this year with an incredible, visionary and diverse list of names.

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    2017 Curatorial Advisory board is announced

    The Visible Award arrives at its fourth edition this year and we are extremely glad to announce our renewed Advisory Board. Thirty-six curators have been invited to select the projects that will shape the debate around contemporary socially engaged artistic practices during these coming months that will lead us to a new public jury in the form of a temporary parliament, taking place at the Queens Museum in New York.

  • Interview to Carlos Cruz (Silent University consultant)
    Activities / Events

    Interview to Carlos Cruz (Silent University consultant)

    • Carlos Cruz is Learning Organizer at the United Migrant Education Project and is London Consultant for the Silent University (2013 Visible Award-winning project). On the occasion of the Award ceremony at the Oxford University, we interviewed him and few other members and collaborators of The Silent University. Find out more about the project through its protagonists.