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Postcards from the 8th Festival de Performance de Cali
2011 Visible Award / News

Postcards from the 8th Festival de Performance de Cali

• Last Saturday the 8th Festival de Performance de Cali has officially closed: memorable performances in the public spaces of Cali, the first public outcomes of the “Travelling School of Knowledge and Social Practice”, and the hectic performance marathon on the last days where the unofficial, spontaneous, performances were almost more than the ones on the […]

2011 Visible Award / News

The Festival is about to start

• Here in Cali everything is almost ready. On this very day the 8th Festival de Performance de Cali starts, the latest project by Helena Producciones, recipient of the 2011 Visible Award. Two main exhibitions, eleven conferences and panels, and obviously over fourty official performances, interventions and actions happening in the time span of five hectic days, when […]

2011 Visible Award / Texts

Revolution and the Colombian Middle Classes: a Troubled Love Story by Antonio Ungar

CHAPTER 1: CAMILO TORRES   On February 15, 1966, a young priest was shot twice and died next to a path along a steep mountainside of the Cordillera Oriental. He and five other members of his guerrilla squad had emerged from the forest to ambush twenty soldiers from the Fifth Brigade of the Colombian army […]

2011 Visible Award / Texts

Twenty-One Permits For a Space of Freedom – a conversation between Helena Producciones, Matteo Lucchetti and Judith Wielander

  Matteo Lucchetti & Judith Wielander: The Festival de Performance has a temporary, immediate, and corporeal nature that offers the possibility to seamlessly interact with the urban laboratory of a city in transformation. This description may explain why you have chosen to utilize the format of the performance festival since 1998 to examine the context […]

2011 Visible Award / News

The selected artists for the 8th Festival de Performance de Cali

• After an intense jury session that kept Helena Producciones – recipient of the first visible award – and the festival adjunct curators Matteo Lucchetti and Judith Wielander, busy in choosing among some 300 applications received from all over the world, the Colombian collective has released the final list, featuring the 23 projects that made it to the 8th Festival de Performance […]

2011 Visible Award

Open Call – 8 Festival de Performance de Cali

• As promised, we are publishing hereby the english version of the open call for the 8 Festival de Performance de Cali 2012 by Helena Producciones. We warmly invite you to submit a proposal for a performance or artistic intervention in the context of the festival in Cali. Please feel free to spread the call through […]

2011 Visible Award / News

“8 Festival de Performance de Cali”. Helena Producciones launches the open call.

• Cali. On the local parade for the 1st of May celebrations, Helena Producciones “took to the streets” and publicly announced the 8 Festival de Performance de Cali, demonstrating next to the workers. The open call for national and international proposals to this edition has officially been launched, and so the winning project of the 2012 […]

2011 Visible Award / Activities / News

Yangjiang Group. Last week at Eastside Projects, Birmingham.

• We’re glad to bring to your attention the Yangjiang group solo show at Eastside Projects in Birmingham, in its final week. The Chinese group’s project for visible was shortlisted among the four finalist proposals last Fall, and they’re now closing their first solo exhibition in the UK. Yangjiang Group are designing and building a new […]

2011 Visible Award / News

Helena Producciones wins the 2011 visible award

• Helena Producciones, the Colombian collective based in Cali, is the recipient of the 2011 visible award. Ana María Millán was present tonight at the Serpentine Gallery, to accept the award on behalf of the Helena Producciones. The group, composed by Wilson Díaz, Claudia Patricia Sarria-Macías, Ana María Millán, Andres Sandoval Alba and Gustavo Racines, have just received a […]