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2017 Visible Award / Texts

“Organizing New Forms of Collectivity” a conversation between Chto Delat and Martina Angelotti on School of Engaged Art

School of Engaged Art is inspired by a Brechtian perspective on the educational model as a practice to organize new forms of collectivity. It is thought as a privileged space where the dialectic between teaching and learning is a constant negotiation based on mutual trust and delight. Chto Delat (Dmitry Vilensky, Olga Tsaplya Egorova, Nina Gasteva […]

2017 Visible Award / Texts

“On April 22-2017, a White Cube has been repatriated on the site of Unilever’s first ever plantation of the D.R. Congo”. A conversation on art, power, and CATPC, between Renzo Martens, Nicolas Jolly and Suhail Malik.

On April 21–22 2017, a White Cube opened on the site of Unilever’s first ever palm oil plantation in Lusanga in the D.R. Congo, 650 km southeast of Kinshasa. Designed by OMA, this White Cube is the cornerstone of the Lusanga International Research Centre for Art and Economic Inequality (LIRCAEI). Next to the inaugural show […]

2017 Visible Award / Texts

“Getting our Hands Dirty”, a conversation between Nida Sinnokrot and Nat Muller on Sakiya – Art/Science/Agriculture 

  Nat Muller: Together with architect Sahar Qawasmi you’ve been working on Sakiya for a number of years. Can you contextualise the importance of simultaneously reviving architectural practices, traditions and local knowledge in a place like Palestine in which land takes on such symbolic proportions? What are the consequences of the Israeli Occupation and the […]

2017 Visible Award / Texts

“Inhabitants in focus, mobilization in art and media”, a conversation between Pedro Neves Marques, Mariana Silva and Margarida Mendes on Inhabitants

Margarida Mendes: Inhabitants, an online channel for exploratory video and documentary reporting, was launched in 2015 during a heated moment when activist struggles intensified in face of increased pressure by democratic and non-democratic regimes. Within this context, online platforms have become contested spaces of debate. Inhabitants works with short-form videos, published regularly as episodes on your website and […]

2017 Visible Award / Texts

“Aquí vive gente”, a conversation between Jesús Bubu Negrón, Luis Agosto-Leduc and Julia Morandeira Arrizabalaga on La Brigada Puerta de Tierra

Jesús Bubu Negrón: La Brigada started as an immediate response to the systematic destruction, abandonment, and dispossession of the Puerta de Tierra (PDT) neighbourhood. It developed quite organically, through observation and listening, and the shared recognition that we are all affected as neighbours by these processes. Our initial goals were to reactivate the communication and […]

2017 Visible Award / Texts

“What is a space but politics?” text by Simon Soon on Readingroom project.

Situated in downtown Bangkok, one climbs up three flights of stairs before discovering a room filled with books. These are stacked in piles on a large wooden table located at the centre, lined neatly on a large rack close to the entrance, stuffed into wooden niches along the walls. The books range from critical theory […]

Activities / Display / Texts

#OnPedagogy. “New school models implemented by artists” a report by Alessandra Saviotti

•   Alessandra Saviotti, assistant curator for the Visible. Office and Project Space has written a report on the #OnPedagogy program in Brussels, in which she tries to highlight the common threads among the several contributions that have animated the public debate in these past months.  Generally we associate the word ‘school’ to the idea of […]

  • Activities / News

    The 2017 Visible Award longlist is announced + Visible Council

    For the fourth time in eight years we reach the exciting moment when we get to share with all of you the longlist of projects that are nominated for the Visible Award. Once more, we couldn't have done it without our brilliant curatorial advisory board, whose choices amazed us also this year with an incredible, visionary and diverse list of names.

  • Activities / News

    2017 Curatorial Advisory board is announced

    The Visible Award arrives at its fourth edition this year and we are extremely glad to announce our renewed Advisory Board. Thirty-six curators have been invited to select the projects that will shape the debate around contemporary socially engaged artistic practices during these coming months that will lead us to a new public jury in the form of a temporary parliament, taking place at the Queens Museum in New York.

  • Interview to Carlos Cruz (Silent University consultant)
    Activities / Events

    Interview to Carlos Cruz (Silent University consultant)

    • Carlos Cruz is Learning Organizer at the United Migrant Education Project and is London Consultant for the Silent University (2013 Visible Award-winning project). On the occasion of the Award ceremony at the Oxford University, we interviewed him and few other members and collaborators of The Silent University. Find out more about the project through its protagonists.