After the publication of the visible book (Sternberg Press, 2010), Visible has committed to continued development in the sphere of publishing, by assembling a free, digital, flexible workbook series that could allow us to continue presenting the emerging practices, that we gather around the visible network, by shedding new light on them. The main idea we wanted to experiment with, was one of having workbooks where the exercise we ‘assign’ to the artists and curators on our board, is to present a dialogue with an expert coming from another field of knowledge, may this be city planning, economics, cooking or whatsoever other sector of human expertise. In doing so, we are trying to open up modest and unprecedented confrontation spaces where new bestowals of what art can affect and transform, within the social body, are achieved and written black on white on this free space that publishing can be.

Issu#0 Free for all. Art as a service to others by Temporary Services (Brett Bloom, Salem Collo-Julin and Marc Fischer)

We’ve invited the group Temporary Services (Brett Bloom, Salem Collo-Julin and Marc Fischer; shortlisted with their project Printed City for the first Visible award), to answer an interview in which we go through their personal history; that they very much based around the idea that publishing can be one of the most accessible and democratic tools to spread empowering artistic projects and their outcomes. Started in 1998 with the opening of an experimental exhibition space in Chicago, in a working-class neighborhood, the group has been operating on an international scale for long time now, and maintaining publishing at the core of their activities to “provide art as a service to others; a way to pay attention to the social context in which art is produced and received


Art As a place by Raqs Media Collective

The Raqs Media Collective is here in dialogue with Kaushik Bhaumik, a historian that shares with them some thoughts about imagining art as a place. Thanks to the exhibition Sarai Reader 09, curated by the collective, this conversation became public and involved almost 110 artists, and non artists, that submitted a proposal through an open call. A proposal to think about what constitutes the artistic practice, to think of art as a place that becomes a different place every time. The title of the show makes reference to the Sarai Reader book series, which has been, over the years, widely recognized as a site of critical and creative thinking.


The Museo Travesti del Perú and the Histories We Deserve by Miguel Lopez and Giuseppe Campuzano

What if a museum and its discourse become a space to generate an alternative history of a State, that makes its myths and storytelling seem like they belong to a false and constructed legacy that needs to undergo a serious deconstruction? This is one of the questions that Miguel Lopez is trying to answer in this essay that emerges from a series of discussions and interviews with Giuseppe Campuzano, the philosopher and drag queen that founded the Museo Travesti del Peru (Transvestite Museum of Peru) in Lima.

Download Issu#0 Free for all. Art as a service to others
Download Issu#1  Art As a place 
Download Issu#2 The Museo Travesti del Perú and the Histories We Deserve

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    The 2017 Visible Award longlist is announced + Visible Council

    For the fourth time in eight years we reach the exciting moment when we get to share with all of you the longlist of projects that are nominated for the Visible Award. Once more, we couldn't have done it without our brilliant curatorial advisory board, whose choices amazed us also this year with an incredible, visionary and diverse list of names.

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    2017 Curatorial Advisory board is announced

    The Visible Award arrives at its fourth edition this year and we are extremely glad to announce our renewed Advisory Board. Thirty-six curators have been invited to select the projects that will shape the debate around contemporary socially engaged artistic practices during these coming months that will lead us to a new public jury in the form of a temporary parliament, taking place at the Queens Museum in New York.

  • Interview to Carlos Cruz (Silent University consultant)
    Activities / Events

    Interview to Carlos Cruz (Silent University consultant)

    • Carlos Cruz is Learning Organizer at the United Migrant Education Project and is London Consultant for the Silent University (2013 Visible Award-winning project). On the occasion of the Award ceremony at the Oxford University, we interviewed him and few other members and collaborators of The Silent University. Find out more about the project through its protagonists.