Visible Library, Kunsthaus Graz

September 30, 2012 - February 3, 2013

The Visible Library puts together books suggested by artists and curators that belong to the visible network. Referring to the concept of visibility “when art leaves its own field to become visible as part of something else”, artists and curators have been invited to indicate book titles that inspire their current artistic practice in its existence at the borders of what is considered art and what it is not.


Each title displayed here was the result of the answers received to the following questions:

“What are the books, texts, essays, e-reads that have helped you considering your artistic practice in its engagement with spheres other than the artistic one? What published materials have made you understand your work through another perspective, and enabled accessibility of your work for new publics and contexts?”

The Visible Library has been conceived in order to exist as a section of Contemporary Art Museums’ libraries. This first installment is produced and permanently hosted by the Kunsthaus Graz, Austria.