• Alessandra Pomarico


    Alessandra Pomarico is a sociologist and curator of international and multidisciplinary residency programs, writer and organizer at the intersection of arts, pedagogy, social issues, nano-politics, and community building. Mobilizing and bridging among institutions and artists' run intra-stitutions, communities, and activists from local and global perspectives, her practice is research-based, with a focus on experimental and transformative aesthetic processes, coalitional learning, agency, social and ecological justice. She is an editor on the online platform artseverywhere. Her recent projects include the creation of Ammirato Culture House, the ongoing artistic/pedagogic initiative Free Home University and the Ecoversities Global Gatherings she co-hosted.

    artseverywhere, Ammirato Culture House, Free Home University 

    Article: "Experiencing Life in Common"
    Article: "Learning Hope and Assembling sKin"

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