• Claire Doherty

    (United Kingdom)

    "Place has been at the heart of how I work for a couple of decades now. Influenced by the thinking of British geographers such as Doreen Massey and Tim Cresswell, I’m intrigued by the notion of place as in 'a constant state of becoming’. So when setting up a new public art commissioning agency back in 2002, I chose the word ’situations’ to describe the nature of artworks and encounters that grew out of place - a set of circumstances, social encounters or engagements rooted in a location but in a state of flux. Our work over 15 years at Situations was grounded in the specifics of place, but embraced the ability of artists to help us see the world ‘as if it might be different’ (as Professor Lynn Froggett, our embedded researcher described). Works informed publishing and research (From Studio to Situation, Documents of Contemporary Art: Situation and Public Art Now), which in turn informed the work. As Director of Arnolfini since August 2017, I’ve taken with me the Situations methodology - to start with place and grow the unexpected from there. I continue to be passionate about the capacity for arts organisations to play a vital civic role and question how we might use our resources as tools for change - establishing the Bristol Standard to change the working conditions for those who might choose to or aspire to work in the arts."

    Arnolfini-Centre for Contemporary Arts
    Public Art (Now)

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