• Ekaterina Degot 


    Ekaterina Degot is the Director and Chief Curator of steirischer herbst–interdisciplinary festival for contemporary art in Graz, Austria. In her work, the Russian-born art historian, researcher, and curator focuses on aesthetic and sociopolitical issues in Russia and Eastern Europe from the nineteenth century to the post-Soviet era. From 2014 to 2017, Degot was Artistic Director of the Academy of the Arts of the World in Cologne. Before that she was Senior Curator at the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, art columnist for the newspaper Kommersant, and Senior Editor ofopenspace.ru/art. Amongst other shows, she curated the First Ural Industrial Biennial in Yekaterinburg (2010, with Cosmin Costinas and David Riff) and headed the first Bergen Assembly together with David Riff (Monday Begins on Saturday, 2013). 
    Steirischer Herbst


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