• Galit Eilat


    Galit Eilat is an interdependent curator and writer based in Amsterdam. Since 2018 she is the director of Meduza Foundation. Her projects seeks to develop conditions that enable collective encounters and experiences, underpinned by a critical view towards the status quo. Deploying eclectic, site-specific projects, often in collaboration with grass root, politically active groups, and individuals, Eilat unravels the intertwined themes of political ideology, theology, the nation-state and the production of history. Pivotal within such projects is the process of knowledge dissemination, which departs from the ethos that art is charged with the potential to ignite social change and must, therefore, distance from the nation-state. Her current research trajectories are dealing with the Syndrome of the Present and Totalitarian Art vs Art under Totalitarianism.

    In 2001, she founded the Israeli Center for Digital Art where she served as director for ten years. In 2004, she co-founded Maarav, an online arts and culture magazine and in 2007, together with Eva Birkenstock, she founded the Mobile Archive.

    Meduza Foundation, Syndrome of the Present, Israeli Center for Digital Art, Maarav, Mobile Archive

    Proposed projects: