• Iliana Fokianaki


    'I aim my exhibitions to function as agents that operate in between the domain of the political and the artistic, in which core notions that define our understanding of the world can be challenged and redefined. My curatorial practice is focused on the concept of the state, and the definition of citizenship, class and identity. What is the “state”, both as a governmental construct and as a “state of existence”? State of Concept Athens the institution i founded in 2013, arose from this question. What other classifications are possible and imaginable that can define our place in the world beyond or parallel to the state, the nation, the city or the community? Through the propositions of artists, I aim to recompose such concepts that are linked with national, class and other identities. Through my role as a curator I wish to articulate the frameworks in which new classification systems arise, through propositions that can activate and challenge our past, present and future. Exhibitions operate as propositions of new institutionalities, in which new artistic compositions of identity, language, and history form a new state in becoming.'
    State of Concept, Athens

    Proposed projects: