• Sandra Terdjman


    Sandra Terdjman co-founded Council in 2013, an art organisation that researches, produces and supports artists and projects that renew the representation of societal issues. Council develops long-term inquiries that address political, social and environmental issues and are composed of different knowledges – from the arts, the sciences and the civic society. From 2006 to 2012, as founding director of the Kadist Art Foundation (Paris), she developed a residency program for international artists and curators, overseeing the production of a series of works, films, performances, and exhibitions. Presently, she serves as an advisor for the Kadist on collection acquisition, production, and dissemination. Sandra Terdjman has also been an advisor and guest lecturer in different fields of expertise, such as ‘collection and art market’, ‘art and social responsibility’, ‘art and institution building’. She holds a degree in Art History (Sorbonne, Paris), a Master in Curating (Goldsmiths College, London) and has been a fellow of the art and politics program (Science Po – Institute of Political Studies, Paris).

    Proposed projects: