• Victoria Ivanova


    "I am a curator, writer and consultant living in London. My core focus is on systemic and infrastructural conditions that shape socio-economic, political and institutional realities. To this extent, I develop (i.e. research, write about, curate programmes, do public talks and consult on) innovative approaches to organisational development, policy, finance and rights in the sphere of contemporary art and beyond. I am a co-founder of Izolyatsia, Real Flow and Bureau for Cultural Strategies (bux), and currently doing a practice-based PhD in collaboration with the Serpentine Galleries and London South Bank University. Back in 2010, I graduated from the LSE with an MSc in Human Rights, which was followed by a Masters in Curatorial Studies from the Center for Curatorial Studies Bard College in 2014."

    Real Flow, Izolyatsia

    Proposed projects: