About the project

Iconoclasistas wishes to provide continuity to a process started in 2008 through collective mapping workshops. Their workshops encourage collaborative work on maps and cartographies by designing and releasing a series of tools. Together with the socialization of non-expert knowledge and the participants’ day-to-day experiences, these tools enable the sharing of knowledge that can later be used for the critical visualization of the most pressing local problems in a given area, identifying their responsible agents, connections, and consequences. The maps offer a framework for collective work and for the structured creation of alternative narratives for challenging those imposed by the current hegemonic powers (political, social or institutional bodies, but also public opinion, the mass media— and beliefs, social mandates, and common sense, too).
On their 2nd Collective Mapping Tour, they seek continuity for their practice by strengthening bonds with a network of affinity groups (social, cultural, or educational movements, etc.) they have built through their work. Iconoclasistas intends to issue an open call for proposals from a variety of social projects willing to incorporate collective mapping workshops within a specific transformation process.

About the artist

Iconoclasistas – “Critical mapping, collaborative practices and open-source graphic resources”. They are a duo who has been working together since 2006, combining graphic art, creative workshops, and collective research to produce resources for free circulation, appropriation and use, in order to strengthen communication, forge networks of solidarity and affinity, and promote practices of collaboration and resistance.