About the project

CORPUS, ECO SAPE is a project on art, ecology and sustainable development. It’s a social and cultural project that highlights urban Kinshasa-based artists and their initiatives around socio-environmental issues. For this first orientation of CORPS, ECO SAPE, our thinking is based on ‘biotope in being and appearing’, hosted by eight creators who invite us to reflect on our being and becoming.
Body, being, appearing, matter and the intangible: so many words and questions about existence. These are exactly the words that inspire our artists, be it through nature or the past. They urge us to reflect on biodiversity, ecology and the concept of sustainable development, in which we identify aesthetic, conceptual, graphic, utopian, imaginative and political dimensions.

CORPUS (Body) Biotope in appearance and reality.

CORPUS and Biotope
The body is the essential element in our universe. All being has a body. It has a shape and is material or immaterial. The biotope is simply the place of life, the (social) environment, the context, the atmosphere, space, etc. ‘Body’ as the skin of the human being—the being par excellence—and biotope; both inspire life in a place. The latter must be healthy. By presenting human assets through the body, the artist commits himself to action and makes his involvement and engagement in global environmental issues fully effective.
This awareness of environment, of unknown responses, becomes a major concern for mankind.


About the artist

The SADI collective ‘Solidarity of Artists for Integral Development’ is a group of young inter-disciplinary Congolese artists, whose continuing challenge is to work in close relationship with audiences outside of the art gallery, in different urban spaces. In our practice (installation, performance, painting, video, photography, design) we experiment with the public in their residential environment, no matter where that may be.