About the project

In DR Congo, visual art is not accessible to all. To break the boundary and give access to those, who do not usually frequent its premises, the art center. In order to support socially committed artistic practices in a particular context, we give to neighborhoods deprived of contemporary creation, the opportunity to experience artistic interventions and allow artists to reflect on the social space and public sphere.

The exhibitions in MobileGallery present artists who intervene in the public sphere of Kinshasa. The project is a new and original concept to present experimental processes that involve communities of the most deprived neighborhoods in Kinshasa, the least developed and the most landlocked for its geographical location.

It is our aim to communicate and publicize a possible replication of the role of art in society, which can be brought about by increased awareness among contemporary artists who are engaged in creative processes that see art and society as interdependent. The experience has been appreciated by a wide public that has been excluded from artistic activities and exhibitions. We carry out this experiment in order to sensitize a large public.

About the artist

Kin ArtStudio is an artists initiative based in Kinshasa. Created by Vitshois Mwilambwe B., we promote innovative creation in visual arts and other forms of artistic expression. Our vision is to remain a place of creation and innovation in visual arts. We support socially engaged artistic practices in a local context with innovative artistic projects in social space, so that they can work with the local community, aiming to produce and contribute to social development.