Award 2011 - Longlisted

Les guerriers de l’arc en ciel (The rainbow warriors)
– Alain Della Negra et Kaori Kinoshita

About the project

Being at the edge of a new era, we are attempting to draw the portrait of a future (polymorphic and telepathic) human being, who’s mental and sense perceptions extend into invisible worlds. We were able to find some vestige of the future in a small French social community who call themselves “les guerriers de l’Arc en ciel” (the rainbow warriors).

Two hundred years separate us from the Native American prophecy that foretold: “There will come a time when the Earth will be ravaged of its resources, the ocean blackened, the rivers poisoned, and the deer will perish on the paths. Then the Rainbow will rise up to protect the Earth.” This prediction could soon come to pass.

Although from various walks of life, the Rainbow Warriors came together and built a village in the heart of the Cévennes Mountains. Their homes are monochrome into even the smallest details, with every colour of the spectrum represented. They dress themselves from head to toe in a single colour in order to fully experience the hue for a time, and once the experience is fulfilled, they again change clothing for yet a different colour. They have no personal belongings, no money, they burn their identity card and diploma the day they join the community.

They offer their time to the surrounding farms and stores and live off the fruits and vegetables given to them in exchange for their services. The community is autonomous, establishing its own rules from day to day. The Rainbow Warriors explain their way of life as follows: “We had no alternative but to live our dreams. And so we accept responsibility for bringing about the changes we wish for in the world to come. At the center is colour, the Rainbow, the symbol of union and complementarity. We shake up everyday life in order to experiment with the greatest of all arts: the art of living.”

We think that looking at this kind of extreme experience can make us think of how to live together.

We would like to delve into the everyday life of this community, throughout the four seasons of the year. With no interviews and most of the filming done by members of the community. We have already given them a small video camera to use and from time to time, we collect the tapes.

About the artist

Kaori Kinoshita naît à Tokyo en 1970, Alain Della Negra en France en 1975. Ils se rencontrent au Fresnoy, Studio d’art contemporain. Ils travaillent ensemble depuis une dizaine d’année, mêlant expositions vidéos et cinéma : leur travail, à la frontière entre le documentaire et la fiction, interroge les identités virtuelles notamment à travers les communautés numériques et appréhende les nouvelles pratiques (jeux vidéos, jeux de rôle, Internet) comme une réponse à la solitude contemporaine.