About the project

With this project I am interested in exploring, through direct fieldwork in communities, how the relations of production of raw materials (particularly cocoa and sugar) are developed. The history of the capitalist system is a history of unequal exchange and the ambitious exploitation of natural resources in the third world. An example of this is Ecuador, where I made my most recent intervention. I visited several afro-Ecuadorian communities in the provinces of Esmeraldas, Imbabura and Carchi, in order to establish a geopolitical reading of mestizaje and its emancipatory struggles. This experience has touched the edges of the historical and cultural configuration of these communities; on the one hand it aims to reflect on the convergence of African and Indian Hispanic heritages and, on the other hand, it seeks to question the dependence of these peoples on the production of non-manufactured materials and their exploitation on a large scale.


About the artist

I studied art and sociology in Honduras and Puerto Rico. The methodology of my artistic practice is polyhedral and is nourished by the realisation of in situ research projects that combine sociology and visuality in cities like Iquitos, Venice, Lima, Tegucigalpa, Curitiba, Mexico D.F, Managua and Zurich. From a socio-aesthetic commitment, I show a multiplicity of strategies that enhance and re-signify the materials, actions or objects used in my works.