About the project

Osuka is a project that started during a nine-month residence visual work (Installation) in North Philly, USA. It’s a result of waste material like used fabric found in my immediate environment. The material is skillfully folded into a circular shape to produce installations that gives a second life to it. The project Osuka deviates from the customary use of fabrics, metamorphosed to make a statement against the environment’s degradation. One of the many economic global problems is the issue of the labor force. Going through my practice for years, I realized that there are issues to discuss between the employers and the employees, between the rich and the poor, between the privileged and the less-privileged and also between the government and the governed. One is always at the receiving end with mostly regrettable result which calls for urgent artistic intervention of this project. Since I started this project in 2016, I’ve come to understand that it is a popular discourse among economic and business class. This project will address any issue related to labor force globally, e.g., underpay, labor security, child labor, labor insurance, etc. The project is a visual presentation that aims to stir up discourse among the concerned stakeholders around the world, as regards this as a global element. By interacting with the project, my audience will provide a positive response or gesture which will be documented to address this global issue among the stakeholders. I’m working on expanding this project which is targeted to produce ten million pieces of Osuka in different global locations, to tackle the issue of international labor. During the process of installation at these various locations, performances will be held to further engage the audience on the subject matter.

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About the artist

My practice as an installation and performance artist focuses on environmental issues both locally and globally. I breathe life into waste and instill new values into them. This paved way to participate in international residencies namely: Biennale Jogja: Hacking Conflict, Indonesia meets Nigeria (2015), Spaces International Air residency, North Philly, USA (2016-2017). I also participated in the 13 Dak’art Biennial 2018 winning the “Prix Revelation” award.