About the project

PER-FUMES is Suresh Kumar Gopalreddy’s latest public art project. It continues what began at ‘Samuha’,* a project– to enable artists to produce and exhibit new work in a given space and within a specific timeframe, the project has been running for three years. The documenting of this project is part of his long-term commitment to archive all art-related activities in the city of Bangalore.
PER-FUMES adds a further dimension to ‘Samuha’: All participating artists are asked to produce a short video (13.3 mins) in the given period of three weeks. It can be a short fiction film, a documentary, video art, or even simple documentation of the artist’s works. The outcome can be varied; the only requirement being that it should be a video.

In PER-FUMES, all participating artists are equal and to emphasize this, their names are listed alphabetically, and they are asked to work, produce and screen their work in the same order. Camera, editing, and assistance are provided and facilitated by Suresh Kumar. The space to work and screen the videos is provided by BAR 1.
PER-FUMES facilitated videos will be screened to the public on a regular basis and then uploaded to be part of the PER-FUMES weekly video magazine on YouTube. A monthly DVD magazine will be sent out to art schools, art communities and collectives beyond Bangalore through our wide network.
PER-FUMES seeks to be a ‘living archive’ of a vibrant art scene, making sure the collected material is available to students, researchers and art lovers now and in the future.

About the artist

Suresh Kumar has made important contributions to the Bangalore art community for a more than a decade. He is actively involved in many collectives, teaching institutions and most importantly, makes art by building an art world. His involvement with the community has been fulsome during the boom and the lean years of the art market.
The innovativeness of Suresh Kumar’s projects such as Samuha is that they address a huge demographic of artists. He is able to garner cooperation and manufacture consensus from many, mutually conflicted parties that would otherwise not occupy the same professional space. Kumar has been able to promote the possibilities of cooperation over competition. In the process, he has created new ways of thinking about networking and working.