About the project

Meteoro Project is a trade school that I specifically designed for the youth and children living on the street in conditions of extreme poverty. Hence Art and Design becomes the main axes in finding an alternative. These attention desk and school work simultaneously on health care and mental health thus creating a job market at the same time.

This project has worked successfully with tangible results and has had an impact both in the community of young people in the streets , in the art media and society in general. As these young people migrate to the city in they search of a better life, they encounter a difficult reality: they are driven to live on the streets, uneducated and without basic needs they become victims of drug addiction, prostitution, crime, premature pregnancy and violence. Through this work now these young adolescents are not looked on as a criminal problem, but as a creative and productive entity both in mind and soul.

Through this time (7 years) we have been able to form an educational model that is able to influence this problem effectively. We found that through art, we can change even the most difficult realities, creating new strategies of social transformation and the healthy development of global communities.

About the artist

I am an artist and my work also includes photo, video and installation. I’ve been exposed internationally and continually for the last twenty years in which I have been trying to integrate in to my formal work nature and social projects in where, through art, I try propose new strategies to solve specific problems related to society.
In these projects art works are used more as a process than a finality product. Thus the outcome is a catalyst rather than an object or tangible result.