About the project

The piece, endowed with an acute political impact, was conceived as an open structure pressing the limits of the institutions in power, where the responsibility rests with the audience that, to participate, must assume their role as citizens actively integrated to the political process. The privilege of expression, with limitations, that artists have in Cuba is transferred to spectators who enjoy a sort of momentary democracy, almost as a rehearsal of what a plural society tolerating discrepancy as part of a project for civil society would be.

This piece, with its situationist and hyperrealist notions, can go beyond representational spaces to work directly in and with reality.

About the artist

Tania Bruguera is a leading political and performance artist researching ways in which art applies to everyday political life by transforming social affect into political effectiveness. Her long‐term projects have been intensive interventions on the institutional structure of collective memory, education and politics. To define her practice she uses the terms Arte de Conducta (Conduct/Behavior Art), Arte Útil (Useful Art), political timing specific and aesthetics.