About the artist

Darius Mikšys (b.1969, Kaunas, Lithuania). His projects vary from a video documentation of a visit to the Parapsychology Fair at the Vilnius Sports’ Palace to organizing of artist’s parents meetings, selling an empty bottle of perfume on e-bay, procrastinating lecture On Procrastinating, proposing an ABBA museum in Qantas plane for Tempelhof airport in Berlin and establishing the official Vilnius cricket club. Creating series of sculpture works named “My Jeff Koons” and the attempt of producing “The shroud of Gilles Peterson”. Recent solo exhibitions, meetings, and text performances include: “Behind the white curtain”, The 54th Venice biennale, Venice (2011), “Where is your piece, dude?”, If it’s Part Broke – Half Fix it, CAC, Vilnius (2011), “What prolonged life might feel like?”, BAC, Visby, (2010), “On lemon energized vampires,” Formcontent, London (2010), “The copy”, Manifesta 8, Murcia (2010), “Persuasion of Paul”, X Baltic Triennial, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius (2009), “How to know if the things you like are really nice?”, text performance at “Structures of nothing”, workshop-event at Sutro Baths, San Francisco (2009), “Artist’s Parents Meeting,” Performa 09, New York (2009), “On delay and delaying”, the lecture-performance at CAC, Vilnius (2008), “Artist’s Parents Meeting”, Biennale of Sydney 2008, Sydney (2008), “How to simulate eye contact?”, Gasworks, London (2007), “An entangled particle of myself who plays in front of mirror being invisible”, Lyon Biennial, Lyon (2007).

The artists has declined to make the proposal available on line. To get to know more about the artist’s practice go to his website.