About the project

Vasyarun as platform constantly in search of the optimal form of its existence, being between concepts such as the School — Institute for self-knowledge — Theater — Temple — Residence, but the main key is always the “processuality.” In fact, it is always the same Play, just extended in time, depending on the members are within, on the extent of their involvement, on the intensity of their internal acting. As such, the Play ready is not for the reason that its output will always be pulled out of the process point at which the project is now. The work involves daily training, practices of mental and psycho-physiological nature. The Team creates “infinitely,” continuously updates a performance within a well-defined structure, which is represented in the form of “Manuals.” The methodical manual describes six steps; everyone quietly moves through. It’s not storytelling. The real purpose of any performance related to the opening in the process of creation that is, for the viewer this difficult search of the form is hardly caught. Casting as a role model platform runs continuously based on specified criteria.




About the artist

Vasyarun is a Moscow based interactive social experiment on the bounds of theater, music, and contemporary art.
It is a space of organic interaction between contemporary artists, actors, renowned hiphop performers, street artists, choreographers, spiritual teachers and theorists.