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All over the world, with very different approaches and languages, artists are making radical choices, engaging with certain fields that are often marginal in relation to the discourse produced around the established field of contemporary art. Nonetheless, many recent theoretical and philosophical studies have analyzed and grasped the so-called socially engaged artistic practices from an art historical and sociological perspective, however, fewer reflections and accounts are showcasing the vast amount of cases studies and the impact that these are having in redefining a role for art in society in a globalized scenario. Visible was born to work on filling this gap, calling to action curators, institutions, thinkers and citizens to describe, highlight and create a dialogical space among art projects that manage to expand beyond the ordinary spaces for art while entering directly into the public domain, re-defining its various representations and interpretations. The role that Visible managed to create for itself in these past seven years is, therefore, the one to uncover the potential triggered by these artistic endeavors and processes, by creating a platform where to study, exchange, analyze and, first and foremost, to sustain their precarious and creative economies.