Collectively Annotated Bibliography

On Artistic Practices in the Expanded Field of Public Art

Judith Wielander, Matteo Lucchetti

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The Visible project (Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto/Fondazione Zegna) was commissioned by the Public Art Agency Sweden to conduct research on the relationship between theory and socially engaged artistic practices, and Collectively Annotated Bibliography: On Artistic Practices in the Expanded Field of Public Art is the result of such research. Compiled and edited by Judith Wielander and Matteo Lucchetti, the 150 different materials included inside this book reflect a decolonial perspective that takes into account the biases, privileges and power positions of those who have dictated the dominant perspectives on art history so far.

The publication and digital platform are the results of a longstanding commitment by Public Art Agency Sweden and Visible to issues of knowledge production in terms of collective and critical work in the expanded field of public art. Conceived as an annotated bibliography, that is, a classic bibliography with brief explanations of the major themes of each book, this bibliography is introduced via conversations with a philosopher (Emanuele Coccia), an academic researcher (Andrea Phillips) and an independent curator (Gabi Ngcobo). They reflect on what creating a bibliography that informs and inspires artistic practices in the extended field of public art means today.

At the core of this Collectively Annotated Bibliography are the ten curators and researchers (Miguel A. LópezLU Pey-Yi, Julia Morandeira Arrizabalaga, Narawan Kyo Pathomvat, RAW Material Company, Shela Sheikh, Pelin Tan, Meenakshi Thirukode, Joanna Warsza, Vivian Ziherl) from diverse backgrounds and contexts who have been invited to suggest the titles that are most representative of the current debate on the present and future of art in the public domain. Each bibliographical note is supplied by one or more quotes – some in their original language – and links to the publishers or reviews to explore topics addressed in the suggested books in more detail.

As the editors write in their introduction: ‘Perhaps this annotated bibliography represents a possible alliance that departs from the bookshelves of our living rooms while we are experiencing isolation and social distancing in the solitude of our homes. The bonds that this research visualises across book suggestions and urgencies of our times is already an extended field where art practices for the common good are planting new seeds.’