2017 Visible Award / Activities / News

The 2017 Visible Award longlist, the Visible Council and the date of the public jury announced!

For the fourth time in eight years we reach the exciting moment when we get to share with all of you the longlist of projects that are nominated for the Visible Award. Once more, we couldn’t have done it without our brilliant curatorial advisory board, whose choices amazed us also this year with an incredible, visionary and diverse list of names.

Next to the release of the 2017 Visible Award longlist, we are excited to share with you other news. On the occasion of the 2017 Visible Award we have officially established the Visible Council and invited to it, acting in the capacities of steering and selection committees, the chairpersons that made possible every edition of the award so far. Hans Ulrich Obrist (2011 Visible Award chairman, Serpentine Galleries, London), Charles Esche (2013 Visible Award chairman, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven), Francesco Manacorda (2015 Visible Award co-chairman with Chris Dercon, Tate Liverpool, Liverpool), and Laura Raicovich (2017 Visible Award chairwoman, Queens Museum, New York) are joining the Visible project co-curators Matteo Lucchetti and Judith Wielander, and Andrea Zegna (head of the Fondazione Zegna’s Art Projects and representing the two foundations) on the Visible Council. With this step we are extremely glad to give official form to the board that helped, in the past eight years, the project to grow and create institutional partnerships and collaborations. Thanks to these brilliant minds we have managed to bring Visible, and all the artists and projects connected to it, to different publics and latitudes, and we are thrilled to continue in this direction with such amazing companions.

On the 13th and 14th of May the Visible council assessed the proposals that form the longlist, this year only nominated by the advisory board, and created a shortlist that will make it to the 2017 Visible Award public jury, in the form of a temporary parliament, that will take place on the 2nd of December 2017 at the Queens Museum in New York.  The temporary parliament is being designed by the London based group The Decorators and we can’t wait to share with you more details about the event. Please save the date and stay connected with us also by subscribing to our irregular newsletter

The 2017 curatorial advisory board is composed by Amanda Abi Khalil (Lebanon), Hoor Al-Qasimi (UAE), Yazid Anani (Palestine), Martina Angelotti (Italy), Ethel Baraona (Spain), Eva Barois de Caevel (France/Senegal), Michael Birchall (UK), Osei Bonsu (Ghana/UK), Gregory Castera (France), Iliana Fokianaki (Greece), Gilly Karjevsky (Israel/Germany), Sohrab Kashani (Iran), Tang Fu Kuen (Singapore/Thailand), Amanda de la Garza Mata (Mexico), Natasha Ginwala (India), Cecilia Guida (Italy), Candice Hopkins (New Mexico/Canada), Victoria Ivanova (Ukraine), Qinyi Lim (Hong Kong), Vuth Lyno (Cambodia), Camila Marambio (Chile), Renée Mboya (Kenya), Margarida Mendes (Portugal), Julia Morandeira (Spain), Manuela Moscoso (Ecuador/Brazil), Nat Muller (The Netherlands), Bavisha Panchia (South Africa), Pablo José Ramírez (Guatemala), Francesco Scasciamacchia (Mexico/Italy), Moses Serubiri (Uganda), Simon Soon (Malaysia), Anne Szefer Karlsen (Norway), TOK (Russia), Yesomi Umolu (USA), Xiaoyu Weng (China/USA), Dana Whabira (Zimbabwe). Our heartfelt thanks goes to them and to all the artists who trusted us and submitted their projects to our award. 

The 2017 Visible Award Long-list

Ackroyd & Harvey, Beuys’ Acorns
Adan Vallecillo, Materias Primas
Agency, Assembly
Anahita Razmi, DO FARD / Underwear Tehran – Berlin
Art Labor, Jrai Dew
Aslı Kıyak & Sevgi Ortaç, Crafting Neighbourhoods
Buku Jalanan Collective, Buku Jalanan
Carmen Papalia, Blind Field Shuttle
Cecilia Vicuña, Oysi Cantos del agua
Chto Delat, School of Engaged Art
Co-art Co-op (CACO), Sewing Histories
Critical Archiving Laboratory, Donbass Museum of Contemporary History
Dani Zelko, Reunión
DingDingDong, Huntingtonland, Exploration No.4
Eduardo Navarro, Light Language
Effi & Amir, The Complete Jessy
Elia Nurvista, Hunger, Inc.
Equipo Palomar, El Palomar
Erin McElroy, Anti-Eviction Mapping Project
Fernando Palma – Calpulli Tecalco A.C., Adopta una milpa
Francesca Recchia and Lorenzo Tugnoli, The Little Book of Kabul
Fuentes Rojas, Embroidering for peace and memory. One victim, one
Green Park (G.Argyropoulou, K.Tzimoulis, V.Noulas), DIY Performance Biennial ‘NO FUTURE’
Helen Eriksen, Ebba Moi and Stefan Schröder, Tenthaus Oslo
History of Others/Terike Haapoja, Laura Gustafsson, Museum of Nonhumanity
Jean-François Boclé, Global Space of the Voguing Bodies
Jesus Bubu Negron and Luis Agiosto-Leduc, Brigada Puerta de Tierra
Jorge Menna Barreto, RESTAURO – Environemental Sculpture
Keg de Souza, Redfern School of Displacement
Keleketla! Library, Keleketla! After School Programme (K!ASP)
Larissa Sansour, HEIRLOOM
Li Mu, Quizhuang Project
Maria Gaspar, 96 Acres Project
Marjetica Potrč and Design for the Living World, Design for the Living World
Matthias Einhoff and Alex Head, Wasteland Twining Network
Mirna Bamieh, Potato Talks
Monica Castillo, Jaime Ruiz Martinez, Lugar Común
Mthabisi Phili, Feet-in City Township Expressions
Narawan Kyo Pathomvat, The Reading Room, Bangkok
NGO-Nothing Gets Organised, The Garden Of Fugacious Sentiment
Nico Angiuli, Contrainte. Compagnie Transnationale d’Art et Théatre Migrant
Nida Sinnokrot, Flight – Jalazone
Nida Sinnokrot, Sakiya 
offshoreart.co, offshoreart.co/off-course
Pedro Neves Marques, Mariana Silva, inhabitants
Piyarat Piyapongwiwat, messages from now to nowhere
Postcommodity, People of Good Will
Renzo Martens, CATPC
Ritu Sarin, Tenzing Sonam, White Crane Films Resistance Archive
Rojava Film Commune, Rojava Film Academy
Stephen Stapleton, Matteo Lonardi, CULTURUNNERS
Syowia Kyambi, Between Us
Tania El Khoury, Female Art Forces
Tarek Atoui, WITHIN
The Vann Molyvann Project, The Vann Molyvann Project
Valentina Karga and Pieterjan Grandry, Market for Immaterial Value
Vitshois Mwilambwe Bondo, Kin ArtStudio – Mobile Gallery
Xu Tan, Social Botany
Zacharias Kunuk, IsumaTV