Beyond Entropy Angola

Annotated by RAW Material Company



(Exhibition) 13th International Architecture exhibition - Venice Biennale



There is a social component in the métier of the architect that makes a big difference when thinking about how to design a space in a way that respects the sense of community embedded in our cultures. Beyond Entropy has become an important project and container when thinking about the roles of the curator and the artist in reimagining our spaces of living and encounters. The city of Luanda being the main protagonist, one of our main interests is to understand how through different artistic endeavours a cohort of architects, artists and curators have succeeded in bringing artistic practice to the core of designing the city.

RAW Material Company

No building can contain a universal multiplicity of spaces, possibilities, and objects. When a building tends towards the encyclopaedic, it becomes a city. Just the city includes multiple conditions in the coherence of form- even though it is an urban, conflict- ridden form.