Chale Wote Festival (Accra, Ghana)

Annotated by RAW Material Company


Walking in the streets of James Town in Accra gives a particular feeling. A feeling of walking into a book, into a space where something happened before, a space where we can feel past
vibrations. The walls are covered by fading paintings telling different narratives which are today superimposed by new paintings, writings, adverts etc. JamesTown is turned into a space for encounters, intervention and dialogue. The Chale Wote festival constitutes one of the most important festivals on the African continent that strives to revive memory and past history through performance arts. The body is put in relation with the city and its community in interesting ways.

RAW Material Company

While the main pedestrian route of Chale Wote turns into a vibrant street party for two days, there are numerous detours that open up the history of JamesTown. Walking becomes the evocative mechanism for shedding light on this history and for igniting public space.