June 5, 2012

Open Call – 8 Festival de Performance de Cali

As promised, we are publishing hereby the english version of the open call for the 8 Festival de Performance de Cali 2012 by Helena Producciones. We warmly invite you to submit a proposal for a performance or artistic intervention in the context of the festival in Cali. Please feel free to spread the call through your networks. For any further information do not hesitate to send your inquires to the collective.

The artists collective Helena Producciones (Ana María Millán, Claudia Patricia Sarria-Macías, Wilson Díaz, Gustavo Racines and Andrés Sandoval Alba) are glad to announce the 8 Festival de Performance de Cali, Colombia, taking place from the 20th to the 24th of November, 2012.
The festival is the recipient of the first visible award, an international production award devoted to art work in the social sphere, initiated and supported by Cittadellarte – Pistoletto Foundation and Fondazione Zegna. This edition will have the curatorial input of Matteo Lucchetti and Judith Wielander, curators of the visible project. Participation, exchange and empowerment of rural and urban communities are founding characteristics of the projects run by Helena Producciones through the years. The different activities of the group propose sustainable models for which knowledge and creativity are used as critical and radical tools of intervention.

The 8 Festival de Performance is looking for actions with a responsible transformative potential in relation to civic society, that can propose a dialogue with art systems, institutional dynamics, and complex connections between power systems and grassroots society. The 8th festival will consider the Colombian social, political, economic, ethnic and cultural contexts, to converge them to the commonplace that the festival represents. Putting it in relation to the city and to Colombian society in general: dysfunctionality, corruption, crime, injustice, lack of opportunities, disconnection, limitations and poverty versus political art, ethical gestures, social activism, civil initiatives, dialogue and networking, interventions, publications, music and actions.

Through various academic positions the 8 Festival will bring to the present time, cultural experiences from the sixties and the seventies in Cali, when some self organized models allowed a connection between theatre, performance, film and collective action. During this edition, the Festival will create a link with another project created by the collective: the Escuela Móvil de Saberes y Práctica Social (Travelling School of Knowledge and Social Practice). For one of its chapters the Escuela will represents the educational component of the Festival, having Helena working with different civic organizations and cultural associations of the city. Helena Producciones is part of Triangle Network.


The 8 Festival de Performance de Cali opens a call to visual artists, actors, dancers, collectives, community projects and other cultural subjects interested in contemporary arts, performance, actions, happenings, situations and other mediums, to propose a project for Cali, in its public space, for a day of performance, or for an exhibition space.

Each project should come with a description (max 2 pages), motivation (max 2 pages), visual material (5 to 12 images and/or video max 10 min) and a cv (each page of the project must carry the name of the proposer).

The deadline to receive the projects is the 20th of July 2012.

The selected projects will be made public on the 3rd of August on the web site of Helena Producciones

The selected artist will receive a small fee and budget for the production of the work.

The projects should be sent via email to 8festivaldeperformancecali@helenaproducciones.org

All activities held during the Festival are free to the public.

To know more about Helena Producciones and about the Festival de Performance de Cali please visit the official website.