2011 - 2014

Proposed by

Alessio Antoniolli
Zoe Butt



About the project

There is a unique way of watching films in Indonesian that also shapes the memory of experiencing films in the country; it is called “layar tancap” or outdoor screening. It is usually held in an open square (eg. football field), where a film is projected onto a large screen. In one night several films are projected for free. Independent film screeners run these outdoor screenings. This tradition not only shapes the experience of watching films but also becomes an event for social gathering where people meet at “pasar malam” (night fair) for social interaction and economic transaction. This habit has vanished with the rise of indoor cinemas and the monopoly of film distribution In Indonesia. The spirit of Layar Tancap inspires our independent media distribution project. It aims to return the spirit of watching film and creating a social gathering, it can also be held organically in many places.

The Gerobak Bioskop cinema cart, is designed as a movable and easily operated film and video screening station. The equipment will be collaboratively designed by artists, designers, IT technicians and will then be created by the community according to local aesthetics. The Gerobaks and all equipment donated to the communities and will be monitored to make sure that they continue to conduct regular screening programmes and/or other events related to education in media and its presentation in public space.

With Gerobak Bioskop project, Ruangrupa will try to strengthen the network between organizations in Indonesia, with similar visions, in order to collaborate and exchange discourse.

About the artist

Ruangrupa is an artists’ initiative established in 2000 by a group of artists in Jakarta. It is a nonprofit organization that strives to support the idea of art within an urban and cultural context by involving art and other disciplines such as social sciences, politics, technology, media, to give critical observations and views towards contemporary Indonesian urban issues. Ruangrupa also produces collaborative works in the form of art projects such as exhibitions, festivals, art labs, workshops, research, as well as books, magazines and online-journal publications.Art Lab, is our area of experimentation, it is an art project which is designed to conduct research and creative collaborations on urban and media issues. Art Lab serves as a collaborative space for individual artists as well as interdisciplinary groups from Indonesia and abroad. Since 2008, Ruangrupa’s ArtLab division focuses on the issue of ‘Urban Mobility’, with two thematic projects each year. Projects that have been conducted, have focused on the sub-themes of; Vehicles, City Design in The City, and Transaction.