Foggia, Italy, September 7, 2023

Paese Nuovo / New Country Borgate

Fernando GarcĂ­a-Dory

Paese Nuovo is proposed for the Capitanata region, the hinterland around Foggia in Puglia in the South of Italy. Its first approach is to set the grounds for an intervention on the ‘borgate’, where in the ’30s, new arable land was made available through a vast operation that drained the natural marshlands.

The artistic intervention aims to build upon the potentiality of the infrastructures inherited, now underused, and envision a better future for the ‘borgate’ inhabitants. The diverse realities of the current Capitanata and borgate inhabitants offer the possibility for operating as a network, an entity in itself that can facilitate the aggregation of the multiple identities through the means of what they have in common to strengthen a social and political subjectivity within this context.