創意空間-東亞藝術與空間抗爭 Creative Space – Art and Spatial Resistance in East Asia

Annotated by LU Pei-Yi



Roundtable Synergy Books


Yuk Hui


The contributors in this publication are artists and theorists from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea etc., exploring the politics of space in East Asian cities. The recent upsurge and intensification of the forces of neoliberal capital has given rise to the increasing use of art and design as an instrument of gentrification. This publication serves as a document of their research findings, and suggests what roles art could play as both a critical social practice and site of resistance. Significantly it offers a detailed account of how artists are involved in acts of spatial resistance by creatively remaking space and by establishing connections between various forms of spatial politics across East Asia.

LU Pei-Yi

在這場戰爭中,藝術的角色是怎樣?我們可以在這些空間理論中學習到什麼? 藝術怎樣將我們導向關懷的系統,也即是如何重新找到對這個世界的感知以及自 身的感受?而同時藝術又怎樣做為一種反抗和抗爭,甚至一種意識型態?