Art and the City: Worlding the Discussion through a Critical Artspace

Annotated by LU Pei-Yi





Jason Luger
Julie Ren


This anthology explores the relationship between art and the city in the context of an increasingly globalised and interconnected world defined by a network of flows, circulation and exchange (of people, culture and capital). It seeks to deepen our understanding of the role of contemporary art in shaping the landscape of protest across various globalised urban environments through the idea of a ‘critical artscape’ that functions as a lens through which the political exigencies of art and urban space may be viewed. This book comprises fifteen essays and is categorised into three sections: 1) Alternative imaginations; 2) transformative processes; 3) public(s), participation and representation. Significantly, the book includes three essays that focus on the 2014 Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong, a historically significant event that inspired the publication of this book.

LU Pei-Yi

Worlding the critical artspace' serves here as an introduction to begin shifting our desire from the definitive, final explanation towards considering the many multiple ways these practices can be interpreted as disruptions- in terms of how we understand both art and the city.