Limitless: Contemporary Art in Mexico City

Annotated by Miguel A. López



RM Publishing


Edgar Hernàndez
Inbal Miller


Limitless: Contemporary Art in Mexico City presents a rigorous revision of a decade of transformation in Mexico’s contemporary art scene, between 2000 and 2010. The editors collected documentation that shows how a number of artists went beyond the museum and gallery to occupy public spaces and amplify their forms of communication. The book explores the role of participation, dialogue and collaboration in these ephemeral actions developed by around 135 artists and collectives, which made an impact in the understanding and doing of politics in Mexican art.

Miguel A. López

Even when museum/gallery transgression ceased being a novelty in Mexican artists’ practice, we can consider it a tendency that reached a consolidation point in the 2000s; one that operated alongside a search on the part of contemporary artists that itself formed part of their dialogue and confrontation with public space. As an eyewitness to those practices, I always had the sensation that because they were not being documented in a schematized fashion— even as digital photography made documentation ever easier—most of these works would end up lost and that only a few would manage to transcend their moment, as had happened with independent spaces of the 1990s whose legacy of creations and actions was perpetuated more at the level of anecdote than by any critical review thereof.