Living a Feminist Life

Annotated by Meenakshi Thirukode



Duke University Press


Sara Ahmed


I came to theory via my life experiences. Sara Ahmed’s Living a Feminist Life gave me the words to understand my subjecthood, my positionality and re-iterated what I had considered to be an articulation of my practice – particularly the recognition of the self as Feminist Killjoy, as well as moments such as the Feminist Snap.

Meenakshi Thirukode

So much energy is involved in the struggle not to be compromised by an existence. But as I have noted throughout this book, claiming the figure of the killjoy, saying in this situation or that 'I am her' can be energizing; there is something about her, a sense of vitality, perhaps, a sense of rebelliousness and mischief, perhaps naughtiness, even, which might be why and how killjoys keep circulating, keep proliferating; she seems to be popping up everywhere. As I said in an earlier chapter, if we pick her up, she picks up.