Mujeres Creando, Maria Galindo and others

María Galindo Neder is a Bolivian anarcha-feminist and psychologist.  In 1992, she co-founded Mujeres Creando (“Women Creating”), a Bolivian collective and social movement, with Julieta Paredes and Mónica Mendoza.[3] She broadcasts a regular radio program from Mujeres Creando.
Mujeres Creando has participated in: Bienal de Sao Paolo 2007, Bienal de Sao Paolo 2014, Principio Potosi, Museo Reina Sofia 2010, and other art scenes. As a feminist social movement acting in Bolivia since 1992, we run two houses in La Paz and Santa Cruz, Radio Deseo 103.3fm , educational projects and many kinds of social projects with and for women. We use creativity as the main force for social change and have also produced many projects in the audiovisual field.