2016 - 2021

Proposed by

Clare Butcher



About the project

Neverneverland started from the observation that a flexible, experimental catalyst was lacking in the art sector, to support (young) artists in starting, presenting and making their practice more sustainable and rooted in critical thinking.

We introduce young practices but also new trends and new presentation methods in the visual arts – to enter the world, away from the academy and connect with the public. We do this consciously at various locations, in both permanent and temporary joint ventures. The advantage is that we can look for suitable collaborations with existing institutes, reaching a diverse audience and be able to function as a connecting body. Not only in the art sector but also the communities surrounding the spaces where we program. We consider our activities practical research, a testing ground within which we deal with a quirky, cheeky and challenging program. 

Neverneverland functioned as a mobile platform for visibility, experimentation and exchange, spread over the city of Amsterdam as several islands, which is a strategy to be artistically and socially engaged. It organized exhibitions, symposia, performances, lectures, and screenings, facilitated a residency and workshop program, and collaborated with educational institutes (such as Gerrit Rietveld Academy and Sandberg Institute), art institutes and small initiatives.

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About the artist

Judith Dianthus Leysner (BA in Fine Art 2006 the Rietveld Academy, MFA in 2008 at Sandberg Institute). In her work she questions and sometimes undermines our perception of apparently ‘innocent’ social identities, organized various projects in and outside Europe, founder of KLITTENBAND (a 12hour gender diverse event about visibility of the LGBTI heritage in the arts, Unsettling consultant, an intra-curricular initiative working between and beyond the structures and discourses of an art academy.