September 4, 2012

The selected artists for the 8th Festival de Performance de Cali

7th Festival: El Camión, 2008
7th Festival: El Camión, 2008

After an intense jury session that kept Helena Producciones – recipient of the first visible award – and the festival adjunct curators Matteo Lucchetti and Judith Wielander, busy in choosing among some 300 applications received from all over the world, the Colombian collective has released the final list, featuring the 23 projects that made it to the 8th Festival de Performance de Cali. The open call attracted proposals from the whole of South America, and triggered the participation of artists from Europe and the United States, confirming the international interest that the Festival has obtained over its 15 years of existence. After a break of four years, a new edition is being put together, thanks to the production award received from visible, that acknowledges the value of such a collective and multifaceted project that the Festival is.

5th Festival: Santiago Sierra, 1 Lona Suspendida de la Fachada de un Edificio, 2002
5th Festival: Santiago Sierra, 1 Lona Suspendida de la Fachada de un Edificio, 2002

The Festival, that will take place from the 20th to the 24th of November, will support the production of the selected performances, as well as activating a series of other projects, that include commissioned performances, solo and group exhibitions, workshops, panel discussions, concerts, a travelling school and much more. A new press release revealing the program of the festival in more detail, will be soon released, announcing all the other names of the participants and the contents of the other activities.

7th Festival: Phil Collins, El Mundo No Escuchara, 2008
7th Festival: Phil Collins, El Mundo No Escuchara, 2008

During the several editions of the festival, many artists have had the chance to produce incredible performative pieces, that later circulated in biennials and other prestigious art venues. Artists such as Phil Collins, Santiago Sierra or Federico Guzmán, to name a few, have made their appearance on the list of participating artists in the past, and we’re now happy to announce the initial list that will compose the program of the 8th Festival de Performance de Cali:

  1. Ana María Rosero, Arley Candamil – Anyna, and Jiacomo TurrackLa Danza del Vicio Horror y Éxtasis. Colombia
  2. Andres Matute Echeverri and Liliana Vélez Jaramillo, Matrimonio. Colombia
  3. Arnulfo Medina CarreñoManualidades Éticas. Colombia
  4. Claudia Claremi and Christian Fernández MirónContra fortuna no vale arte. Spain
  5. Colectivo Sonido/Vision (Francisco Javier Lozada Méndez, Jorge Hernán Rosero Marín, Eduardo Garcés),Convulxion en las Calles. Colombia
  6. Colectivo Zunga (Karla Moreno, Ana Maria Villate, Lorena Morris, Maria Natalia Avila), A lo hecho pecho. Colombia
  7. Elkin Calderon and Johanna MarínUn ratico “Kiss Me Motel / Performance Room”, Colombia.
  8. Ericka FlorezEl Blanco Móvil. Colombia
  9. Esther PlanasEscuela de Calor. Spain/England
  10. Joaquin LuzoroClásico Vallecaucano. Chile/Germany
  11. Alvaro HerreraComo un Rayo #3. Colombia
  12. Société Réaliste (Ferenc Gróf, Jean-Baptiste Naudy), Universal Anthem. France
  13. Antropotronica (Juan Melo, Jorge Barrero de Precarius Tecnologicus, Marcel Narvaez de Casamata), Kundur. Colombia
  14. Juanpablo Ordoñez V.Déjà Vu. Ecuador
  15. Julian Mateo Gomez DiazPolitesis impresa. Colombia
  16. Miguel Kuan Bahamón, Los Chirris Chirrean. Colombia
  17. Julio N. Giraldo DiazFlirt Manifiesto. Colombia
  18. Luis MondragónOasis (Untitled Event). Colombia
  19. Luisa Ungar, Alberto Baraya and Jonathan HernándezVisita el Zoológico con visita guiada y selección musical aviaria. Colombia/Mexico
  20. María O. Schneider CanedoAccionar Bolivia. Una mirada al performance boliviano. Bolivia
  21. Glenda Torrado Rodríguez and Matilde Helena Guerrero Gutiérrez de PiñeresCoqueta. Colombia
  22. Renan AraujoTécnicas de Desaparecimiento. Brazil
  23. Reinel Aicardo Arango MuñozSin-sentido. Colombia
3rd Festival: Giovanni Vargas, Puntos de Contacto, 1999
3rd Festival: Giovanni Vargas, Puntos de Contacto, 1999

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